5 Best Poker Software for Cash games

📝 Last updated: 11 June, 2024.

What software to use if you want to be No Limit Holdem Cash games professional? The best poker players use various tools both for the game and for the off-table analysis. In this article, we'll go through the 5 most important poker tools that will help you gain an edge over your opponents.

1. Tracking software. We recommend: Hand2Note

The first and most important software every serious poker player should have is a tracker. Poker tracker is a program that can automatically gather your hands while playing, allowing you to see the the stats on your opponents real time (HUD), and also see the overall results and analyze your game when out of the tables.

There are many brands on the market providing that kind of software, but one stands out from the rest - it is Hand2Note. This tracker is far ahead of all competitors both in terms of functionality and speed.

Some of the features are completely unique - for example, with Hand2Note you can perform MDA poker analysis - to explore various types of opponents behaviour in all possible game lines. But this is already advanced level functionality. Don't worry, even if you are a beginner, Hand2Note is the best choice for you. It's easy to configure and start using. At the beginning, you can have a simple HUD and get used to the software, gradually learning it more deeper. That way you'll put yourself on the right course from the very start.

As you start using Hand2Note, you'll need to configure HUD/popups. Here you have a few options to choose from:

2. Tables organizer. We recommend: Jurojin

If you're a professional online poker player, or striving to become a professional, you would play on multiple tables at the same time (it's called multi-tabling in poker). And when you multi-tabling, you would need even more concentration to be able to show good results. There is less time for decisions and every mistake carries the risk of losing money.

In such conditions, it is critical to create a working environment where you can fully concentrate on the actions in the hands, and also not waste extra time clicking the mouse. Jurojin is your perfect assistant in that. Not only does it help you automatically arrange tables and highlight tables with your turn to act. It also allows you to see the history of the actions of all opponents at the table, and set up hotkeys for all your actions.

Once you start using Jurojin, you will feel how much more time and energy you will have to make key decisions at the tables. This is a very important factor if you are determined to develop and move up stakes.

3. GTO Solver. We recommend: GTO Wizard

GTO is an integral part of a modern poker. Doesn't matter what level you are, you need to practice GTO to at least have a basic understanding of the optimal game strategy. GTO (stands for Game Theory Optimal) describes pre-calculated balanced strategy that can't be exploited by your opponents. It means that in every game spot your have a perfect ratio of value and bluff hands in your range, so your opponent can't do better than also play GTO ranges against you (in that case you both will be break-even).

GTO is not the perfect strategy though. In poker you make money from exploiting mistakes of your opponents. And to exploit their mistakes, you have to deviate from GTO. For example, if your opponent never fold, it doesn't make sense to play GTO ranges, as you won't need any bluffs against him. But against a solid opponents who also know GTO principles you would have to be able to defend properly. So by knowing GTO, you'll have a strong foundation of the balanced game.

GTO Wizard is a best GTO training sofrware on the market. It works in your browser, has a smooth interface and provides you with numerous pre-calculated scenarios. You can even imitate a live session on a few tables and get a GTO estimation for every action you take.

4. Equity calculator. We recommend: Equilab

In the era of fancy software and GTO solvers you still need a simple equity calculator to check how different hands stand against each other in different scenarios. Equilab suits you perfectly for that. It's a very simple software where you can put any hand or a range of hands to you and your opponent(s), and see the chances to win. You can calculate equity for all the streets - Preflop, Flop, Turn and River.

If you're looking for something more advanced, take a look at Power Equiliab or Flopzilla. In these programs you'll have more features, for example you can check how your range hits different board textures.

5. Preflop manager. We recommend: FreeBetRange

You should have a solid preflop strategy to be a winning player in 2020's. And this strategy cannot be pure GTO, as we already mentioned above (because in that case you don't exploit your opponents and lose value). So your perfect preflop should be built based on GTO with deviations in certain spots.

This is a common mistake of many players, even on mid or high stakes - thinking that preflop is not that important. In reality, the Preflop is the most important street in poker, and most of your biggest mistakes you make on Flop/Turn/River might have the hidden reason in incorrect preflop. It's harder to treat your preflop decisions as the most important ones, as they cost us nothing or very little money, but it's your job as a prefessional player to re-determine your brain patterns. Every preflop decision is not only about how much it costs right now, but it's about how your range will look like on the subsequent streets.

So be sure to sharpen your preflop. Freebetrange provides you with all the needed tools for that. With the best Range Editor on the market, you'll have a total freedom in organizing your preflop strategy based on positions, stack sizes, actions etc. In Range Viewer you can view your preflop charts in a convenient layout, so you have all your ranges at a couple of clicks. And, finally, the Range Trainer will help you to memorize your ranges. There are two efficient learning modes - classic (imitating a real table), and range (you try to draw a range from memory and then check your answer).

There are many other features like ready-made Library of preflop ranges for various game types and levels, importing ranges from other software, easy config sharing, and more.

That's all. Please note that you can choose other brands in each software category if for some reason you cannot use the featured tools, for example due to lack of budget. However, we have listed the best possible tools as they will provide you with the best functionality and convenience of anything on the market.