Preflop Exploits Poker Course

Boost your winrate by exploiting the field.

Learn how to take advantage of your opponents' preflop mistakes.

Based on real data.

Discover the best strategies for every situation and position.

Adjust your ranges against tight and loose players.

poker preflop exploits

The Data clearly says: "The average player does not play GTO."

I created many possible preflop ranges for both tight and loose players.

I took the data on how the average player plays preflop, and load it in the solver.

It took time and effort, but the solver provided exactly what I needed.

🔥 The best strategies to exploit any opponent's preflop play.

Maximize Your Profits from Opponents' Mistakes

Earn more by knowing how to exploit your opponents effectively.

  • Are aggressive 3-betters giving you trouble?
  • Do you keep losing big pots to their strong hands?
  • Are you still using GTO preflop ranges for every spot?

If any of these sound familiar, it's time to change your approach.

To give you the perfect preflop strategies for every player type, we'll cover these topics:

⚖️ GTO

What is the GTO approach for every situation and position? What do the GTO ranges look like and why?

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Population

How does the average player actually play? I'll show you the preflop ranges of midstakes players. Then, we'll explore the best ranges to exploit the pool and maximize profit.

I'll share findings from analyzing 3.4 million hands played at midstakes.

For every position (BTN vs BB, CO vs BB, BB vs BTN, CO vs SB, etc.), you'll get a detailed report on:

  • The preflop ranges the average player uses in every situation and position
  • How these ranges differ from GTO preflop ranges
  • The best ranges to exploit them

🙍‍♂️ Individuals

By examining very tight and very loose player profiles, we'll learn how to adjust against individual players.

Which hands should we add or remove to maximize profit against specific players?

You'll also learn how to exploit individual opponents in every situation and position. We'll cover:

  • How to exploit very tight and very loose player types in every situation and position
  • Key factors to consider when making preflop adjustments
  • Which hands to add or remove when adjusting your preflop ranges

Who's behind this course?

Hi, I'm Victor.

I've been playing online poker professionally for the past 3 years. I mostly play NL500 on Pokerstars and GGPoker, but I also play some NL1k and NL200.

In 2022, I started a YouTube channel called 2CardConfidence. On my channel, I break down poker theory into simple terms so you can apply it in your games.