Solver Mastery: Learn How To Use Poker Solvers

Use solvers to explore unexploitable poker strategies.

You'll study how to transform complex solver outputs into applicable strategy at the poker table.

poker solver mastery

🎯 Solvers actually solve problems...

When used correctly, solvers can eliminate the biggest challenges you face while playing poker.

They help you:

  • Know what to do in any situation
  • Learn how to play against both skilled and unskilled players
  • Handle downswings by confirming or adjusting your strategy
  • Avoid frustration when faced with tough spots like shoves, overbets, or check-raises
  • Determine which hands to bluff (or catch bluffs) with
  • Apply GTO principles to dominate your games and increase your earnings

☝️ But!

You can't just tell the solver what you want and get the answer handed to you. In fact, without proper knowledge, using solvers might even harm your game. Simply looking at results and trying to mimic them can lead to wrong conclusions.

To help you avoid this, this course has been created.

The solution made simple

You're a poker player who wants to use solvers to improve your game. This course is designed by a professional poker player for other poker players.

That means:

  • No unnecessary details about rarely used solver options
  • No endless hours of content that you have to sift through to find what's important

Instead, you get:

  • 4.5 hours of concise, focused content with essential information
  • Simple and clear explanations designed to be easy to understand and apply immediately
  • A framework to analyze any hand in 3 simple steps, so you never feel overwhelmed by solver outputs
  • A system to create easy-to-remember solutions
  • An even better system that eliminates the need to memorize solver outputs entirely

Your time is valuable, and so is this course.

To make it even easier for you to start running simulations, you also get:

  • BONUS #1: Access to the Sim-File-Folders - Pre-made simulation files for PioSOLVER and GTO+ with common spots, preflop ranges, and bet sizes, so you can start solving right away (value: $69)
  • BONUS #2: 3 months of free access to the 2CardRangeviewer - Our new preflop range viewer, including ranges for common stakes and open raise sizes, so you always have the ranges you need (value: $57)

What's Inside the Course?

To help you enjoy all these benefits, the course takes you on a journey. You'll explore:

  • How to set up simulations properly
  • How to analyze the data provided
  • How to break it down into understandable pieces
  • Most importantly, how to extract the most valuable information and apply it at the tables

You'll go through this process with the three most popular solvers:

After a quick refresher on Poker Game Theory and solver basics, you'll set up simulations in each solver. Then, you'll analyze example hands to learn how to extract the most knowledge from every simulation.

Next, you'll focus on the solvers' additional features:

  • Comparing various boards
  • Identifying exploits
  • Simplifying strategies

Who's behind this course?

Hi, I'm Victor.

I've been playing online poker professionally for the past 3 years. I mostly play NL500 on Pokerstars and GGPoker, but I also play some NL1k and NL200.

In 2022, I started a YouTube channel called 2CardConfidence. On my channel, I break down poker theory into simple terms so you can apply it in your games.